Today I’d like to expose some common myths about business auto insurance in Bryan Texas that can be quite costly to a business owner if this risk is left unprotected. It is often perceived that purchasing business auto insurance in College Station TX is not needed – the employees personal auto insurance should cover any incurred losses, right? Unfortunately, this is not often true; this specific type of business owners insurance is crucial to for any employee driving either a company or personal vehicle if that employee is traveling on company-related business.

Consider below some of the most common myths about business auto insurance in Bryan Texas that should be known:

  • Myth #1 – Employees with this coverage on a personal auto are covered when driving a company car. It is very important for all drivers to have sufficient coverage on personal cars; however, this may not cover every accident that happens on company time when driving on company-related errands. If that employee is involved in an accident and at fault, any damage not covered by the personal policy would look to the business policy as excess coverage if the business policy provides coverage for non-owned autos. There are also some exclusions that may apply depending on the circumstances.
  • Myth #2 – Employees are automatically covered if the business has a Business Auto Policy and/or if employee is driving a company vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Some policies require drivers to be named on the policy to extend coverage, which is certainly an important detail to verify to be sure that all employee drivers are covered. It is also important to note that ‘covered’ means handling any liability claims as a result of the accident. It would not cover damage to the employee’s vehicle while being driven unless such coverage were specifically added to the policy.
  • Myth #3 – If your business is a seasonal one or the vehicles are only used a few times a year, you can save money by canceling your Business Auto Policy during the off-season. Even if your business is seasonal, accidents don’t take a break. Just because your business only operates certain months of the year doesn’t always mean that company vehicles are immune from incidents or malfunctions during that off-season time. The simple act of taking a company vehicle in for an oil change or a tune-up during the off-season can result in a costly accident if no insurance is in place under a Business Auto Insurance Policy in College Station Texas.

Don’t let your business become victim to these common myths about Business Auto Insurance in Bryan or College Station. So much time is spent in the car now more than ever before – and just one uninsured accident can be devastating to a business.

The insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance know how to best protect your company with a Business Auto Insurance Policy in College Station or Bryan with the correct coverages that will protect your company and employees when operating a company vehicle or driving a personal car for company errands!

Be Sure You Have Business Auto Insurance in Bryan and College Station TX!
Let the experts at Jones & Associates Insurance find the right policy at the right price to afford the coverage needed to protect your company assets!

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