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Business Income Insurance – First Covid Then Civil Unrest

Business income insurance, also called interruption insurance, is a type of insurance carried by a business that helps owners recoup losses when forced to suspend operations for a time that in turn prevents a company from earning income.

It can be added to an existing business owners policy or purchased […]

Summertime – 4th of July – and Covid-19 Safety!

The 4th of July holiday is right around the corner and this year, the COVID-19 pandemic with its home isolating has affected everything from grocery shopping to public events and celebrations, causing most of us to modify our plans.

Though you might be able to go out to celebrate in […]

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers Facing Prom and Graduation!

It’s nearly summer and for students reaching the end of their high school careers, that means it’s prom and graduation season even in this time of COVID-19 restrictions.

Both are exciting occasions that auto insurance providers know can easily end in tragedy as it is this time of year when […]

A Breakdown of Fire Losses in Texas and Valued Policy Laws!

Fire is one of the most destructive forces that can leave homeowners needing to make claims against their homeowners insurance policies to cover a substantial or total loss of their home property.

In doing so, it’s not uncommon for some to run into brick walls when their homeowners insurance provider […]

Do You Know How to Prevent Home Water Leaks?

Sneaky water leaks in your home are deceiving; they can be hard to find and ;cause more damage than you’d think, making it necessary to file a claim with your homeowners insurance agency, while sudden leaks can do a lot of damage really fast.

Either way, it can be a […]

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    COVID-19 Closing Your Business? Don’t Ignore Safety Risks!

COVID-19 Closing Your Business? Don’t Ignore Safety Risks!

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting hundreds of thousands of small businesses all over the country, leaving many business locations closed down for the interim while we all wait things out.

Business property insurance providers do have a very important warning for company owners: don’t ignore safety issues just because your […]