How to Prevent Weather-Related Claims To Business Buildings!

June 08, 2020

Weather is unpredictable and while you can’t change it, you can definitely take some control over how severe weather affects your company buildings to avoid making claims on your business property insurance policy.

If you want to avoid weather-related damage to your building, business property insurance services recommend that you take an active role in protecting it.

The fewer the claims made, the lower your premium will remain!

Rain and Wind

Storms happen and when bad enough, they can cause substantial damage to your building and require calling your insurance agency to file a claim to have it all repaired.

Though you may not be able to prevent all storm damage, you can protect your building substantially if you do the following:

  • Maintain the Roof - Do yearly inspections with a qualified contractor and make any required repairs so your roof is always in its best condition.
  • Maintain the Flashing - Regularly inspect the flashing around roof protrusions and in corners to ensure it’s in good condition; damaged flashing can invite leaks and provide a place for winds to get under the roofing material and rip it right off.
  • Protect the Exterior - Keep the exterior surfaces of the building in good condition with fresh paint and sealed walls, any siding issues repaired, doors and windows properly sealed and insulated, and more.
  • Prevent Flooding - If you’re in a flood area, prevent damage from minor flooding by keeping all landscaping graded away from the building and using flood shields around any basement windows to keep water out.

Snow and Ice

When winter weather turns severe, there’s usually at least some warning before it hits.

Protect your building in snowy, icy weather and prevent having to contact your business property insurance service to place a damage claim with these practical wintertime tips:

  • Avoid Furnace Issues - Keep your furnace well-maintained and if not working properly, have it professionally repaired as losing heat in cold weather can be uncomfortable for you and your employees as well as damaging to your building, business equipment, and materials.
  • Prevent Frozen Pipes - Frozen pipes can burst, causing damage once they thaw and water starts flowing again, so protect any exposed pipes either with insulation or by keeping the building heated at all times to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Remove the Ice and Snow - Large amounts of snow should be shoveled off the roof if possible to reduce stress on the structure. In addition, ice dams on the roof should be prevented by having insulation checked and regularly gutters cleaned to prevent formation of ice on the roof that can cause damage it as it melts and refreezes over time.

Fire and Electrical

Fire can destroy a building in minutes and power outages are not as simple as they may seem, so it’s critical to take steps that reduce the possibility of costly damage and having to call your insurance company by taking the following measures:

  • Get A Generator - Power outages may seem like nothing more than an inconvenience; however, they can bring your business to a standstill. So invest in a generator that can keep you functioning and prevent or reduce losses due to any outage.
  • Install A Lightning Protection System - You can’t control lightning; however, you can reduce the risk of a strike to your building and any potential damage by installing a lightning protection system.

Take Steps to Prevent Weather-Related Losses

Many times, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature with the weather and how it might affect our property.

A business insurance policy will protect your building when you suffer weather-related damage, yet making an effort to reduce or prevent that damage is very beneficial.

Keep your building free of damage and insurance premium affordable by avoiding preventable weather-related insurance claims!

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