COVID-19 Closing Your Business? Don’t Ignore Safety Risks!

June 08, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting hundreds of thousands of small businesses all over the country, leaving many business locations closed down for the interim while we all wait things out.

Business property insurance providers do have a very important warning for company owners: don’t ignore safety issues just because your location is closed down for a while.

The last thing anyone wants is to have something happen while a business location is unattended due to a lengthy closedown.

Let these tips from business property insurance loss prevention specialists help you anticipate what could go wrong so you can prevent accidents and protect your property until it’s time to open the doors once again!

Make Sure Combustible and Flammables Are Safely Handled

If your business makes use of or stores any kind of flammable or combustible materials or items, it’s essential to thoroughly check that these items or supplies are properly stored before closing the location.

If possible eliminate or remove such items stored inside the building to reduce the chance of a problem, remove all waste from the location, as well as keep combustibles and flammables away from electrical service, technical rooms with machinery, and more.

Make your business location as combustion-proof as you can if the building will be unattended for long periods of time.

Turn Off Unnecessary Utilities and Machinery

Another safety precaution recommended to reduce potential business property insurance claims is to turn off all non-essential utilities and machinery that won’t be in use while the building is closed.

Shut down gas and water service at the mains throughout any areas of the building where possible without interrupting sprinklers and maintain the lowest temperature possible while the building is empty.

Turn off electric service to machinery and separate areas where possible without interfering with security and fire systems.

Test Building Security and Fire Systems

Before vacating any building for a length of time, business property insurance providers recommend doing a thorough test of all security and fire systems to be certain they are all in working order.

Inspect physical locks throughout the building, secure escape routes, and entry points so they cannot be breached, and account for all keys and security code access.

Keep only minimal lighting on near main entryways.

Do Periodic Premise Inspections

Even though your business location will be closed for the foreseeable future, business property insurance agencies still recommend that you go to your location weekly and do a premise inspection.

Ensure things are still safe inside, that there is no sign of vandalism or entry attempts, and that your security and fire systems are functioning properly.

Keep up with building maintenance and repairs as needed to prevent accidents and reduce the chance of a break-in.

Keep Business Locations Safe Even When Business Is Closed

As much as we all want to be back running our businesses to reduce the financial impact that COVID-19 is having on American small business owners, it’s essential to avoid doing so until the time is right.

In the meantime, you can reduce the chance of making a claim to your business property insurance policy and adding to the economic burden of this crisis by preemptively handling safety risks before damage or accidents happen.

For more information on ways to protect your business location during closedowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact your business property insurance provider today.

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