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Is There Any Real Value in Usage-Based Car Insurance?

Car insurance premiums seem to increase every year as do the number of drivers looking for ways to reduce the cost of those premiums.

Answering this call, many auto insurance companies are getting creative with how they calculate rates in an attempt to lower premiums for drivers that qualify.

One […]

Protect Your Business With Fire Legal Liability Insurance!

As a business owner, commercial insurance is the best way to protect both your property and livelihood.

Among the different policies offered, business liability insurance is the one that protects against damages claimed by others for which your company is liable.

Does a commercial general liability policy include fire legal […]

Distracted Driving – A Problem All Drivers Share!

Distracted driving is a prevalent cause of or attribute in many of the accidents that car insurance agencies deal with throughout the year.

It’s commonly thought that teenage drivers are mostly responsible for these accidents, especially this time of year when kids are heading back to school; however, auto insurance […]

Water Damage – Do You Know The Different Types?

If your home sustains water damage, the extent of the repairs that your homeowners insurance agency will make depends on the type of damage that has occurred.

Though it may seem that any damage caused by water is essentially the same, homeowners insurance services actually refer to three different types […]

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    Do You Know The Different Farm and Ranch Liability Coverages?

Do You Know The Different Farm and Ranch Liability Coverages?

If you own a farm or ranch, you may think the biggest farm insurance concern is all the structures and physical property.

Although you do need adequate coverage for all of that property, you also need to purchase broad liability coverage from a provider who specializes in farm insurance services and […]

Is Your Home Properly Valued Or Is It Underinsured?

One of the very devastating and disappointing results of natural disasters and other events that cause substantial home damage is learning too late that your homeowners insurance is not sufficient.

Being underinsured is a huge problem that homeowners insurance agencies see on a daily basis, especially whenever large numbers of […]