Bed & Breakfast Insurance Bryan TXRunning a bed and breakfast establishment can be a fun and interesting job, providing niche-oriented, semi-private lodgings for those looking for something more homey and comfortable than a hotel room. With the economic fluctuations of the last few years, staying closer to home in a more casual setting has become a popular option to keep vacationing costs down. In order for any B&B owner to keep in business, having good Bed & Breakfast Insurance in Bryan TX is important, although maybe not as easy as it sounds.

Insurance Concerns

Until recent changes in how policies are written for bed & breakfast insurance in College Station TX, it was commonly agreed within the insurance industry that these quaint old-time-feeling hotels were insurance nightmares. A private residence that has been partially converted into full-service guest rooms has always been an insurance concern; however, not nearly as much as some of the ‘real’ issues.

The very appeal of these homes causes insurance companies to avoid them. Many are close to water, which can be a red insurance flag; many are in charming, older homes and farmhouses that look beautiful but are still – old. Old wiring, plumbing, and building foundations already present a concern when considered for a homeowners policy; turn it into a business, and most insurance companies run away screaming! Early in the Bed & Breakfast boom, many insurers suffered great losses on such policies and didn’t want to repeat that.

Non-Conventional Insurance

Because such concerns repeatedly kept insurers from writing policies on these businesses, coverage has recently been done through agents who write individual Bed & Breakfast insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas. These policies are self-insured through insurance companies willing to provide coverage to such property.

It should be noted that many companies currently insuring such businesses are doing so through a non-standard insurance market, meaning that premiums will likely be higher through a conventional company. The choice appears to be non-standard insurance versus higher premiums – not much of a choice.

The Bed & Breakfast industry itself has created even more insurance challenges by adding horseback riding, boating, spas and even private landing strips to be competitive in the market. The best answer may be to begin with a general policy and add on extras to allow for coverage on whatever the proprietor needs.

Current Trends

A few more options have surfaced for those seeking Bed & Breakfast insurance in Bryan or College Station. Some insurance companies are returning to this industry by following other examples on writing such policies. With better enforcement of state and local ordinances that cover this type of business, insurers are beginning to accept this niche industry as clients again as owners have to update buildings to be within code standards.

The best recommendation to find affordable Bed & Breakfast insurance in Bryan Texas is to make the property more desirable to insurers. Safety and compliance with building codes and ordinances is the right thing to do and will result in better Bed & Breakfast Insurance choices in College Station Texas. If property needs improvement, plan to get it done in order to have the best chance of getting necessary insurance coverage at the best price!

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