Every year, auto insurance services see claims for thousands of car accidents, many of which result in injuries or fatalities.

One of the main causes of these accidents according to automobile insurance agencies is drowsy driving.

Driving while drowsy is something that most people have done at one time or another or downplayed its seriousness.

Yet the research on drowsy driving tells a different story, one that pinpoints it as a major cause of accidents and automobile insurance claims.

Experts Say Drowsy Driving Causes Accidents

A report by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that 60% of drivers surveyed admit that they have driven their cars while feeling drowsy.

While this may not seem especially startling considering the fast-paced lives many Americans lead that leave them over-tired due to lack of sleep, it’s a statistic that automobile insurance agencies find to be eye-opening.

According to crash statistics research, one of the biggest contributors to car accidents resulting in injuries, fatalities, and automobile insurance claims is drowsy driving.

Driving While Drowsy - Like Driving While Intoxicated

Many drivers may not realize that driving while drowsy is comparable to driving while intoxicated.

Auto insurance services point out that research has proven that sleep deprivation or simply failing to get rest when the body is tired affects a person the same way that alcohol does.

It causes reduced cognitive ability, slowed motor functions, reduced ability to make sound decisions, and other impairments.

Anyone who drives in these ways is more likely to have an accident.

Although an automobile insurance agency knows that most people would not intentionally drive knowing they were impaired, most simply don’t understand the dangers of drowsy driving.

People who would never consider getting behind the wheel after drinking will drive without a second thought even if they are too tired to be alert.

Whether due to demanding schedules, untreated sleep disorders, driving long distances without enough rest, or even just poor sleep habits, drowsy driving is now one of the biggest risk factors for being in an accident and making automobile insurance claims.

Stay Safe and Avoid Drowsy Driving

Because there are no actual laws against driving while drowsy and every person’s need for sleep differs, auto insurance services can only encourage drivers to get necessary sleep and practice good judgment.

Getting enough sleep to maintain alertness during commutes and longer trips should be every driver’s goal.

Drivers should also pay attention to their alertness and pull over for some rest when starting to feel drowsy.

Some Final Thoughts

Drowsy driving is a common cause of car accidents that result in injuries, property damage, and costly automobile insurance claims.

To stay safe on the roads and keep policy premiums low, auto insurance services stress the need for drivers to get enough sleep and avoid driving when not fully alert.

Never be an accident waiting to happen. Heed the warnings of every automobile insurance agency and avoid driving while drowsy!

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