The holidays are right around the corner and for many people, that can mean lots of stressful driving sometimes in inclement weather.

Days of celebration can easily turn into events that have you calling your car insurance provider after being involved in an accident to have them send a tow truck.

The best way to stay safe and avoid needing help from your auto insurance service is to plan your holiday travel ahead of time.

If you eliminate many of the stressors up front and stay focused, you’ll have a more enjoyable holiday without having to deal with an unexpected car accident.

Ready Your Car for the Trip

Begin your trip with a car that’s ready by taking care of all needed maintenance, and having any known issues repaired before you leave.

A safe car is essential in order to avoid accidents that could have you phoning your automobile insurance company over a holiday.

Plan Your Travel Route Ahead of Time

Next, make a travel itinerary for your holiday trip and plan your travel route.

Whether you want to take the most direct route that is faster yet has more traffic or decide on a longer less busy scenic route, map it out ahead of time so you know exactly where you are going when you start off.

Map off rest stops and hotels along the way so you know where you can take a break to stay alert and stress-free plus plan a backup route in case of bad weather.

Check the Weather Forecast Before You Leave

One of the most common causes of accidents that auto insurance services see during the holidays is bad weather.

Treacherous roads combined with the rush to get there on time create a stressful situation that can lead to mistakes; be sure to check your forecast ahead of time and prepare the car accordingly.

Leave earlier than planned to give yourself plenty of time to deal with slower roads and more traffic.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest When Necessary

Drowsy driving is another common cause of the accidents that car insurance services see and holiday stress can be especially exhausting.

Plan your trip so you get enough sleep before you leave and stop for breaks every two hours or so to prevent dangerous drowsiness.

Keep the Kids Occupied

Holidays are an exciting time for the kids; however, long drives can make kids cranky and antsy.

Reduce travel issues and driver stress by bringing along snacks, toys, games, and anything else needed to keep the kids happy throughout the drive.

Carry Emergency Needs

Nobody expects to break down on the road during a holiday drive; however, as any automobile insurance provider can attest, it does happen.

Plan for the just-in-case by carrying emergency needs such as a spare tire and jack, traction mats, jumper cables, a flashlight, and extra gloves.

Keep a blanket in the car as well and have a car adapter to charge your phone.

Practice Safe Winter Driving Skills

Lastly, if you’ll be traveling in areas where the roads can get icy or snowy, remember your winter driving skills.

Common sense defensive driving is most important as well as knowing how to handle your car on slippery roads.

The more careful you are, the less likely you’ll be to end up in an accident you’ll have to claim on your car insurance policy.

Keep the Holidays Happy with Safe Driving

Holiday time can get really stressful, especially if you’ll be driving long hours to get to a family gathering.

Stay safe and avoid those calls to your auto insurance service by planning well, getting good rest, and reducing the stress!

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