There are few things scarier than a car fire, especially if you don’t know how to safely handle it.

Auto insurance companies are aware of hundreds of thousands of dangerous car fires that happen on a yearly basis and result in nearly 500 fatalities annually.

Your auto insurance agency will help you in the event that your vehicle is damaged by a car fire.

More importantly, your agency is also here to provide you with critical safety information about car fires so you know what to do if you experience one.

What Causes Automotive Fires?

Although many people believe that most auto fires are the result of a car accident, auto insurance providers find this not the case at all.

Most of the 278,000+ automotive fires that happen each year are actually caused by electrical problems in the engine or passenger compartment or chemical fires caused by leaks in the engine compartment.

Explosions due to car fires are relatively rare; most of the threat with car fires is the toxic fumes generated by burning plastic and chemicals as well as the physical burns caused by the flames.

What Should You Do If You Have A Car Fire?

If you ever end up in a situation where your car is smoking, you smell smoke or burning fumes, or the car is actually on fire, auto insurance agencies stress that taking the appropriate actions can save lives.

The most important thing that you must do is stay calm; avoid panicking so you can think yourself through the situation and get to safety.

If you smell smoke or see flames while you are driving, your auto insurance company suggests that you:

  • Signal and Pull Over - If you are on the road when you smell smoke or see flames, pull over as quickly as you can and get off the roadway. Open the windows if you are smelling fumes.
  • Turn Off Ignition and Remove the Key - This will turn off the electrical current throughout the vehicle and shut down the fuel pump as well.
  • Get Everyone Out - Once you have pulled over and put the emergency brake on, get everyone out as quickly as possible.
  • Use A Fire Extinguisher If Possible - If the fire is limited to the passenger compartment or some other area and you have one, use a fire extinguisher to put it out. Do not lift the hood if the fire is under there; let the fire department do it.
  • Call for Help and Stay Away - If there is no extinguisher available, keep everyone at least 100 feet from the vehicle and call for police or fire department help.

If you are in an accident when a fire breaks out and you cannot get out of the car yourself, do what you can to allow others to help you escape:

  • Unlock the Doors and Open the Windows - Unlock as many doors as you can; if possible, open the windows to help with escape and reduce the chance of being overcome by fumes.
  • Undo Your Seatbelt - Unbuckle your seatbelt immediately; if it’s too hot to push or won’t open for some reason, climb out of it or cut it so you are not trapped in the seat.
  • Break or Push Out A Window - If you cannot get your windows open, break and push it out with both feet or use a window breaker to break it.
  • Keep A Vehicle Escape Tool in the Car - A vehicle escape tool that helps you cut seat belts and break automotive glass can be a lifesaver if you have a car fire.

Stay Calm, Act Fast, Get Out

Automotive fires are very scary and very dangerous.

Should you encounter one, your auto insurance provider hopes that you will remember this critical information for staying safe.

Pull over at the first sign of smoke, fumes, or flames; turn the car off and get out.

If you’re in an accident and a fire breaks out, do what you can to get yourself and your passengers out or to help others get you out.

Stay as calm as you can so you can make a quick escape.

Above all, auto insurance agencies strongly recommend that you keep up with regular maintenance on your vehicle and have any strange smells or electrical problems investigated.

Correcting these problems before they can cause a fire is the best way to prevent one!

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