It’s nearly summer and for students reaching the end of their high school careers, that means it’s prom and graduation season even in this time of COVID-19 restrictions.

Both are exciting occasions that auto insurance providers know can easily end in tragedy as it is this time of year when the most teens are killed in car accidents.

For those teens celebrating these important life milestones, automobile insurance agencies offer these practical tips for parents to discuss with their high schoolers about staying safe amidst the celebrations!

  1. Wear Seatbelts - Seatbelts save lives and should be worn by everyone in the vehicle at all times - no exceptions!
  2. Don’t Drink or Do Drugs and Drive - Beyond the fact that no one should be consuming alcohol if a minor or do drugs, driving while intoxicated in any way is extremely dangerous and a cause of many teen fatalities every year. Ask your youthful drive to not drive after consuming drugs or alcohol or give rides to passengers guilty of either offense!
  3. Avoid Driving Distractions - Distracted driving is another notable cause of auto accidents according to car insurance agencies. Every youthful drive should stay focused by avoiding anything that takes their eyes off the road like eating and drinking, using a phone, working the stereo system, or using other onboard technology while the vehicle is in motion!
  4. Avoid Grooming In the Car - Save any hairstyling, makeup application, or other grooming or clothing adjustment to do when not driving as such action while driving is yet another dangerous distraction that can result in a car accident!
  5. Maintain Slower Speeds - Auto insurance carriers find speeding to be a factor in many serious car accidents so ask your youthful drive to drive the speed limit or even a little slower to maintain control of the vehicle.
  6. Limit the Number of Passengers - Research suggests that the more passengers teens have in the car, the more likely it is that an accident happen, so insist that they limit passengers to two or fewer and keep the music low to reduce distraction!
  7. Set Up Parental Rules - Parents should set up driving rules with their teens as well as applicable punishments if the rules are broken. According to insurance agents, set guidelines about driving safety, driving hours, passengers, and what can and cannot be done with the car to keep teen drivers thinking about safety while out enjoying themselves!
  8. Pay Attention to the Weather - Since weather can change everything, even for experienced drivers, teens should be advised to think twice about driving in heavy rain and to pull over when necessary to prevent an accident!
  9. Minimize Late Night Driving After The Event - Accident statistics show that more than 40% of car accidents involving teens happen after dark and teens should be expressly aware of this and focus on safe driving at night. Discuss the possibility of retaining an Uber or Lyft ride for any activities after graduation and the after-party is over!
  10. Have the Party At Home - To ensure the safety of your own teens and to keep things like alcohol and drugs out of the picture, let your kids host a prom or graduation party at home.

Keep Prom and Graduation Celebrations Safe

Proms and graduations are very special times in a teen’s life and automobile insurance providers recommend that prior to celebrating these special moments, teens and their parents should have heartfelt discussions about all these ways to prevent accidents and keep teen drivers safe.

Good judgment and a focus on driving safety will ensure that teen drivers avoid needing the help of their car insurance carrier and enjoy a successful future once the parties are over!

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