Bicycle commuting is becoming more popular every day, with more people leaving their cars at home or skipping car ownership altogether.

When you do this, you can get lots of exercise and also avoid the costs of car ownership including gas, auto insurance, and repair bills.

As great as that may sound, insurance agencies point out that there is a definite safety concern to consider if you plan on riding your bike to and from work every day.

Even though they are less likely to occur, bike accidents do happen and when they do, who pays for any damage or injuries that may occur?

It’s vital that you know whether your auto or homeowners insurance will cover you or if you need any supplemental coverage to protect yourself.

What Happens If You Hurt Yourself?

The most common type of accident that bicyclists encounter is a "single bicycle" accident that involves hitting something, falling off the bike, or sustaining an injury in some other way that does not actually involve other people or vehicles and is usually the bikers fault.

If you get hurt this way and no one else is at fault, insurance agencies find that your health insurance covers injuries and any medical treatment you may need as outlined by your health insurance policy.

If you have an auto policy and live in a no-fault state, your auto policy Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments Coverage may also apply.

What Happens If Someone Hits You?

The second biggest danger you face when bicycle commuting is being hit by a car.

Since pedestrians and bicyclists often have the right of way, these accidents are often the fault of the driver and typically covered by the driver’s auto insurance, paying for your injuries and medical treatment as well as damage to your bike.

What Happens If You Hit Someone Else?

In the less likely case that you hit a pedestrian or another bicyclist while riding your bicycle, you are usually protected by the liability portion of your homeowners insurance policy.

If you don’t have a homeowners policy at all, then you are liable for the injuries and damage that you caused.

What Happens If Your Bike Is Damaged or Stolen?

In the event that your bicycle is damaged or stolen, your homeowners or renters policy will usually cover this type of loss; however, homeowners insurance policies typically carry a high deductible and most often more than what the bicycle is worth.

Insurance agencies recommend either adding a rider to your home policy to cover this specific item or purchase specialty coverage designed for high-dollar bicycles and biking equipment.

Is Your Bicycle Appropriately Protected?

Bicycle commuting can be an economical and convenient option for avoiding traffic jams and lowering expenses like auto insurance and vehicle maintenance.

As beneficial as it may be, insurance agencies suggest that you first review the coverage currently available to you through your auto and homeowners insurance policies ;to be certain you are protected in the event of an accident while riding your bicycle.

If you need it, there are specialty policies and policy riders you can purchase so you have the protection you need to enjoy your biking adventures!

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