Like all other states in the nation, Texas requires all driving residents to purchase appropriate auto insurance from a Texas auto insurance company and maintain this coverage at all times.

Proof of a current policy purchased from state auto insurance services is required to register your vehicle so you can take to the roads.

Learn about coverage requirements in the state and other factors about maintaining your financial responsibility when driving in Texas.

Texas Auto Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements

Texas is a Tort state, which means that in every car accident, one party will be found to be at fault and financially responsible for the injuries and/or property damage incurred by the other party.

As such, if you plan to drive in Texas, you are required to obtain an auto insurance policy that provides at least the minimum financial coverage as defined by the state:

  • Bodily Injury - $30,000 per person, $60,000 per covered incident
  • Property Damage - $250,000 property damage coverage per incident

While the minimum coverage amount can protect you and others in the event of more minor accidents, auto insurance services stress that minimum coverage may not be sufficient protection in more serious accidents.

Your auto insurance company typically recommends increasing bodily injury and property damage limitations according to where you live, how often and how far you drive, past driving record, and other risk factors.

In addition to the standard coverage, you can also purchase supplemental coverage for your policy to protect against other specific risks:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage - Protects you if injured in an accident caused by a driver with any or inadequate auto insurance.
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage - In Texas, these coverages are for your insured vehicle to pay for collision and other than collision loses to your car.

Proof and Verification of Auto Insurance in Texas

When you purchase an insurance policy from Texas auto insurance services, you will receive an insurance card as your proof of coverage.

You are required to carry this card in your vehicle so it is available at all times, whether you are involved in an accident or stopped by police for any reason.

Failure to provide a current insurance card to police could result in a fine of $350.

If you are stopped by police at any time, they will verify that your vehicle is currently covered by a policy from an auto insurance company by running the license plate numbers through the TexaSure Database.

TexaSure allows police and other agencies to determine whether a vehicle is currently covered by a proper financial liability policy.

Through this program, the state is able to reduce the number of uninsured drivers attempting to use expired or fraudulent insurance cards on the road.

Texas Auto Insurance Company Discounts

Most Texas auto insurance services offer policy discounts depending on the driver and other details. Contact your agency to inquire about discounts that may include:

  • Safe Driver - No accidents or tickets within a certain amount of time.
  • Low Mileage - If you don't drive your car that much.
  • Anti-Theft Device and Safety Equipment - Discounts applied when special devices and/or certain types of safety equipment are installed in your vehicle.
  • Multiple-Vehicle or Combined Coverage - Discounts applied when multiple vehicles are insured on the same policy or purchasing multiple lines of insurance from the same carrier.
  • Defensive Driving - Receive a discount for passing state-certified defensive driving courses.

Texas Minimum Auto Insurance Summary

To drive in Texas, you must carry the minimum amount of auto insurance to protect all parties involved in the event of an accident.

Make sure you have appropriate coverage by discussing your needs with a Texas auto insurance company right away.

Welcome to the Lone Star State and happy driving!

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