If you ever plan on renting a car, you will be asked whether you’d like to purchase rental car insurance.

As any car insurance agency will tell you, it’s important to be protected by an insurance policy whenever you drive.

However, don’t assume the personal policy you purchase from your car insurance services will automatically provide coverage as you could end up financially responsible if you’re involved in an accident.

Car Insurance Is Important Even When Renting A Vehicle

It's easy to that that you don't need to pay a car rental company for car insurance when renting a vehicle for a day or two.

Unfortunately, people do get into accidents with their rentals every day. In terms of your liability, driving a rental car is no different than driving your own vehicle.

To protect yourself as the vehicle owner and those involved in an accident, you must be covered by some type of auto insurance policy.

Does My Car Insurance Policy Cover Me in A Rental?

Before accepting or declining car rental insurance, find out from your car insurance services whether your current driver’s policy covers you in a rental: many do.

Confirm whether the liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages of your policy apply to a rental car when you are driving.

Make sure the limits are enough to cover the vehicle you’ll be driving. Your car insurance agency should be able to tell you whether your policy will sufficiently cover you in a rental, in which case buying the coverage from the rental company would be redundant.

Does My Credit Card Provide Any Insurance Benefits?

Some credit cards also provide some rental car insurance if the rental is paid for with the card.

Call your card company and verify what type of coverage is provided and how much.

It may provide anything from complete coverage to supplemental coverage for additional expenses like deductibles and anything your primary insurer won’t cover.

Should I Purchase Insurance from the Rental Company?

The best and least expensive coverage you can get for a rental car is usually provided by your car insurance agency.

If your policy does not cover you in a rental or if there is no coverage through your credit card, then you should purchase the insurance policy from the rental company.

Before you sign anything, carefully review the policy so you understand the extent of coverage being offered and the policy limits.

Insurance requirements vary by state and policies from rental car insurance services may differ.

Typically you have the option to purchase a few different types of coverage including liability, personal injury coverage, and personal effects insurance.

You may also be offered a Loss Damage Waiver or LDW that relieves you of responsibility if the vehicle is stolen or someone else causes some kind of damage to the vehicle.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make sure you are appropriately covered with the right car insurance when you get a rental car.

Chances are, your personal policy will provide some if not all of the coverage you need; however, you should confirm this with your car insurance agency before assuming that you do have coverage.

If your personal auto policy does not cover you in a rental, then you should definitely purchase the policy offered by the rental car insurance services so you, your rental, your passengers, and everyone else you may encounter are all adequately protected!

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