It’s officially the holiday season and for many, that means lots of car travel to visit family and friends to celebrate Christmas together.

While holiday time may bring about togetherness, auto insurance agencies also see that it brings about a higher rate of car accidents.

Stay safe this holiday season and avoid car accidents as well as potential hikes to your auto insurance rates by following a few helpful holiday tips!

1. Leave Early and Take Your Time

Rushing because you’re running late is one of the more common causes of carelessness that can lead to a holiday season car accident, according to statistics gathered by car insurance agencies.

Avoid the anxiety and rush by leaving yourself plenty of extra time to get there.

2. Allow For Delays and Bad Weather

In giving yourself that extra time and alleviating the need to rush, auto insurance agencies recommend planning for the likelihood that you’ll run into heavier traffic in some places, that the weather could become a factor, or that you could encounter a mechanical problem with your car.

When you set out early knowing that you could encounter these issues, it’ll be easier for you to remain calm, pull over if necessary, or face traffic jams without becoming overly stressed about arrival times.

3. Make A Packing List Beforehand

Skip the tension of realizing you’ve forgotten something important by making a packing list days or even a week ahead of time.

List all the clothing and personal items you want to bring as well as any gifts you’ve already wrapped and put away for safe keeping.

Add some emergency car supplies to that list and you’ll be hitting the highway with everything you need for your journey, no need to turn back and go off your schedule as a result!

4. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Avoid the delay and stress of getting lost by planning the way you’ll go ahead of time.

Getting lost and driving in unfamiliar places is yet another cause of accidents that will have you calling your car insurance agency for help.

Plan your route ahead of time by picking one that will give you the fewest problems in terms of traffic or weather.

Use a GPS if you have one, so the step-by-step instructions will keep you from missing a turn off or exit ramp.

5. Make Sure Your Car Is Ready for The Trip

When making a long distance trip during the holiday when finding help with your auto could be more difficult, be sure your car is ready for that trip.

Do any scheduled maintenance before you go, fill up the washer fluid, and make sure the tires are in good condition and properly inflated.

Pre-trip maintenance goes a long way at preventing unexpected or even dangerous vehicle problems that could ruin your whole holiday.

6. Stop for Breaks When Needed

Driver fatigue and bad weather are two leading causes of car accidents reported to auto insurance companies.

Between the stress of the holidays, traffic, and weather, it’s essential that you recognize when you should pull over and take a break.

Get a snack or cup of coffee, take a power nap if needed, or wait out the weather until it’s safer to drive.

Stopping for a little while will rejuvenate you so the rest of your trip can continue safely.

Keep Christmas Merry and Safe!

If you’re planning a car trip this Christmas or anytime throughout the holiday season, keep in mind that 'tis the season for more car accidents when we’re not careful.

Take these helpful holiday traveling tips from your auto insurance agency and have a wonderful, joyous, and safe holiday!

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