If you are the parent of a teen driver who you will soon add to your auto insurance policy, it’s important that you do what you can to help your teen be a good and safe driver.

Your teen will learn better driving safety as well as common-sense driving habits with you as their mentor.

Adding a teen to your automobile insurance policy can affect you as well, so getting involved with your teen’s driver training is particularly important.

With your help, your teen can become a great driver who can enjoy driving safely while avoiding dangerous accidents.

Help Your Teen Learn Good Driving Habits

Safe driving that avoids accidents and resulting calls to your car insurance company start with good driving habits.

Since it’s easy for new drivers to learn bad habits, it’s essential that they learn good ones from the start.

From proper 10 and 3 o’clock hand positioning and always using the turn signal to learning proper right of way at stop signs, the details definitely matter.

Auto insurance companies recommend that teens take a driver's education class so they can learn the proper basics that will prepare them for their test.

With proper basics, your teen will quickly become a safe and confident driver.

Teach Emergency Skills As Well As the Basics

Basic driving skills are a great start; however, automobile insurance providers point out that it’s equally important to spend some time helping your teen driver learn how to react in unexpected or emergency situations.

A great way to teach your teen how to handle the car in difficult situations is to practice donuts in an empty parking lot, both in good weather and bad.

Demonstrate and practice things like how to prevent sliding and how to correct oversteering, especially on slippery pavement.

Be A Good Example To Your Teen Driver

Beyond telling your teen how to be a good driver, showing them will have an even bigger impact: practice what you preach and set a good example.

Use your seatbelt, obey traffic signs and signals, and stay controlled while behind the wheel.

Another important example that car insurance providers stress is that you avoid using phones and other distracting technology while driving.

Be the safe driver you want your teen to be so they pick up your good habits.

Make A Safe Driving Agreement

Auto insurance companies know that ultimately, what happens when your teen takes the wheel is up to them regardless of the example you set.

Encourage them to be careful and avoid behaviors that could result in a dangerous accident by signing a safe driving agreement together.

Pledge to avoid distracted driving, stay within the speed limit, follow all driving laws, and use safe driving practices that can prevent accidents.

Include driver education goals in your agreement and rewards for meeting those goals as well as penalties for bad driver behavior.

Take An Active Role In Your Teen Driver’s Education

Every teen starts as an inexperienced driver who has to learn best driving practices from the ground up.

Automobile insurance companies find that when parents take an active role in their teen’s driving education, those teens become better, more responsible drivers.

As you prepare to add your teen to your car insurance policy, give him or her a great advantage by being a patient and supportive driving teacher!

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