Summer is almost here and as auto insurance services typically note, many families will be hitting the road for vacations.

Driving to new and exciting destinations together can be a great experience, especially when you have the right auto insurance and follow a few important safety tips.

If you’re planning a family vacation this year that will include driving, consider these travel suggestions from your auto insurance agency so everyone stays safe!

1. Clean, Repair, and Prepare

A clean car that functions well will make traveling to new places fun and relaxing.

Auto insurance services recommend to begin your travel preparations by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle, both inside and out.

If any repairs are needed, be sure to make them before leaving to avoid the possibility of auto problems while on the road.

Next, equip your vehicle with common emergency items like a first aid kit, spare tire, jack, and any tools needed to change a flat tire.

Check your auto insurance policy and make sure it’s up to date. Consider adding towing service or roadside assistance if you don't already have it.

Along the lines of preparation, be sure your insurance policy is in order. If you are unsure, get with your auto insurance agency to go over the coverages on your policy. 

2. Have A Mechanical Inspection Done

Once your car is clean and ready for the trip, schedule a mechanical inspection with the dealer or a reputable auto shop.

Your auto insurance agency will tell you to never set out on a long trip without first making sure your car is safe and can handle the trip.

If anything is found during the inspection, take care of any repairs before you leave to avoid accidents that could have been prevented.

3. Map Out the Route

With the car ready to go and the countdown to your departure day approaching, plan your route to travel on convenient and safe roads.

Using a trip planner or mapping app for your smartphone or tablet, mark the route for any tourist stops you’d like to make as well as gas and food locations along the way.

When you plan all of this in advance, you will spend less time trying to figure things out on the road in the car.

4. Pack the Car Safely

For greatest safety, auto insurance services recommend that the day before your trip, pack the car and make sure everything moveable within the vehicle is contained or restrained if possible.

Keep unsecured items out of passenger areas and use bungee tie downs to keep items in the back from moving around.

If traveling with a pet, be sure it is safely contained in a travel pet carrier.

Use a car safety harness for larger pets to keep them restrained. Keep all windows clear so you have an unobstructed view.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Auto insurance agencies can tell you that lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of driver errors leading to accidents.

Keep your vacation outing fun and safe by being sure to get enough sleep along the way.

You’ll enjoy the trip more and there will be a lower risk of an accident.

That would certain upset your trip and cause you to contact your auto insurance company to report the accident and delay your travels.

Some Final Thoughts

Staying safe should always be the main priority when planning a family trip by car.

Before you head out this summer, consider these helpful suggestions that many auto insurance services find to be useful in preventing dangerous accidents along the way and the need to file an auto insurance claim!

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