If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, you’re surely aware that auto insurance rates keep rising here in Texas.

There are many reasons for this, ranging from the cost of labor and vehicle parts to rising medical costs, both of which cannot be controlled by your auto insurance agency can.

Fortunately, there are discounts that auto insurance providers in Texas can offer to resident drivers.

When you add in a discount or two, Texas auto coverage can be a little more affordable for good drivers with safe vehicles.

Available Policy Discounts

Auto insurance policy discounts are those that apply based on the policy you purchase. These include:

  • Multi-vehicle Discount - If you insure more than one vehicle on the same policy, you can often get a discount on both vehicles from an auto insurance provider.
  • Homeowner’s or Discount - This is available to auto policyholders who also insure a home with the same auto insurance provider.
  • Full or Auto Payment Discount - Some agencies will discount your policy if you make one payment rather than monthly or quarterly. You may also receive an additional discount if you put your full payment on auto pay with a credit card.
  • Customer Loyalty Discount - After you’ve been a customer in good standing for a few years, you may be rewarded with a small policy discount as a thank you.

Available Driver Discounts

There are also auto insurance discounts available based on your driving record how you use your vehicle. These include:

  • Good Driver Discount - Available from an auto insurance agency to drivers with no accidents/claims within a specified timespan, usually 3 years.
  • Low Mileage and Low Risk Discount - For drivers with low mileage in a year as well as drivers who have professions with a low driving risk.
  • Professional Group or Auto Club Discount - Members of either may qualify for special policy discounts.
  • Good Student Discount - Recent high school graduates who have maintained a good GPA may receive discounts from an auto insurance provider.
  • Defensive Driver Discount - Some drivers may qualify for discounts for completing an accredited driver training course or for seniors who completed a defensive driving course.

Available Vehicle Discounts

You may also qualify for vehicle-based discounts depending on the type of car you drive and how it is equipped. These include:

  • Safety Device Discounts - If your vehicle is safer because it has airbags, passive restraint, anti-lock brakes; anti-theft protection; or other qualifying devices, you could see a small discount on your policy.
  • Hybrid or Alternative Fuel Discount - Your agency may offer discounts for ecological cars.
  • New Car Discount - Some agencies also discount for brand new vehicles.

Final Thoughts On Policy Discounts

Auto insurance is a major expense that all Texas drivers encounter. The great news is that there are policy discounts from your auto insurance provider if you qualify.

To learn more about these and other available discounts, have a discussion with your auto insurance agency today!

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