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Auto insurance protects a vehicle and its occupants when an accident happens. Most accidents occur with the vehicle owner is behind the wheel; but what happens if someone else is driving that car? Coverage for permissive drivers is something that all car owners need to consider before lending their vehicle to a friend or family member. With the right policy from an experienced auto insurance agency, everyone can be sure they have the right coverage, even for permissive drivers.

Who Are Permissive Drivers?

A permissive driver is someone other than the owner of a personal vehicle who has been given permission to drive it. Permissive drivers are usually friends, family members not named on an auto policy, babysitters, and other people allowed to drive the car with permission from the car owner.

Who Can Drive An Insured Vehicle?

Every auto insurance policy is different; however, most states follow a common policy form with certain observed coverage definitions, one of which concerns permissive drivers. It is generally defined by most auto insurance policies that any person living in the same household with the owner of the car is protected under that vehicle’s policy. In addition to this rule, persons not living in the home but who have specific permission from the car owner are also covered under the policy.

Who is not covered as a permissive driver? Anyone who is specifically excluded from operating a vehicle is not protected by an insurance policy. This usually includes someone - even a friend or family member - who takes the car without permission. Someone who steals an auto is also not covered under the vehicle’s policy.

Who Pays for What?

There is a common misconception about permissive driving that a motorist’s coverage follows them no matter what vehicle they drive. In actuality, auto insurance coverage is purchased for a covered vehicle that is named in the policy. Based on this understanding, the policy that covers the car involved in an accident would usually cover a permissive user. A driver of an insured vehicle who does not have permission to operate the insured vehicle would be an excluded driver, which would negate any coverage under that policy. It is important to point out that policy definitions can differ from state to state, so it is important to confirm specific information with an auto insurance agency knowledgeable about applicable coverages.

Best Advice Concerning Permissive Drivers

Although most auto insurance policies provide coverage for permissive drivers, it is suggested that vehicle owners confirm how their policy works in these situations and who is considered to be a permissive driver. Car owners should also understand how their policy handles liability and damages caused by permissive motorists and if the owner could individually be liable after lending their car to someone else. Lastly, if there are individuals who may frequently drive a covered vehicle, it may be worth looking into supplemental protection to cover those drivers.

Regarding permissive drivers, an insurance policy generally applies to the covered auto and anyone with permission to drive that vehicle is covered. Driver exclusions could apply and that can vary a great deal. To ensure vehicles are fully protected with the right auto insurance that covers all drivers, car owners should speak to their auto insurance agency!

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